The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been a wild ride even before it began, but nobody could have anticipated the drama that unfolded during yesterday’s Team Artistic Gymnastics.

I’ve always enjoyed watching gymnastics competitions, particularly the incredible feets performed by many of the women from countries across the world. Still, I have to admit that I’ve never enjoyed watching any woman more than Simone Biles. She’s incredible. A superhuman.

Like many people, I was excited to see her perform as part of the US artistic gymnastics team (although I’m ashamed to say that, probably like most of those who are familiar…

It’s not much, is it?

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I’m a writer, which, by definition, means I must write. But what happens when writing is hard?

For a lot of people, it’s the getting started that’s the hard part. Staring at a blank page, wondering if the words you put there will be worthy. If someone (anyone) will care. If there will be mistakes. If you’ll look foolish. If anybody will even read them.

“How do I become a writer?”

“What makes a writer?”

You write.

That’s the advice that pops up again, and again, and again.

It’s easy. Just put some words down.

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There’s a long-lasting saying that you’ve probably heard.

“Nothing in life is free.”

But is it true?

Maybe not always.

There are giveaways, product samples, and kind and generous souls who donate to GoFundMe.

But, for the most part, I think the saying holds up.

How many spam emails do you get promising you riches beyond your wildest imagination? But first… you must send them something.

Even scammers know that we’re often distrustful of something that sounds free.

But then there are “free” services. …

Are you marketing your business on the internet? Then chances are you know how important social media marketing is. But do you know how important content curation is?

When it comes to social media marketing, the problem is that you’re running a business, so you’re usually juggling a million things at once. And if you’re a parent, you can multiply those million things by another million. Naturally, that makes it hard to keep your social media game on point.

Because who has the time to write posts, share, reply to comments, comment on other people’s articles, engage with them, and…

The greatest myth in Australia is probably that of the dole bludger — and now everyone’s paying the price.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

At midday on March 23 businesses across Australia closed their doors with no idea about when — if ever — they will be able to reopen them.

Naturally, this caused widespread panic among business owners, contractors, freelancers, and workers of all levels in all industries across the country. Where would their incomes come from now? How will they pay their bills?

The Australian Government offered a solution: a stimulus pack and wider availability of Centrelink payments.

That day, 100,000 Australians got…

The world is ending and I’m calm.

Instead of being panicked about getting sick, my loved ones getting sick, running out of food, supplies, or income, I just feel a little bit uneasy. And I only feel uneasy because I feel eerily calm. Everyone is freaking out, why aren’t I?

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

As someone who has had an anxiety disorder for most of their life, I’m used to feeling a sticky sense of dread. I’ve spent a decade trying to manage it — often unsuccessfully. This year I started trying a new approach. …

We might know that true multitasking is a myth, but a lot of people (me included) revelled in our multitasking skills.

Personally, my imagined ability to multitask was actually just me putting a positive spin on my ability to get easily distracted. And in today’s world of gadgets and gizmos, getting distracted is inevitable. After all, a lot of modern technologies are designed for you to keep checking them forever.

Photo by Manan Chhabra on Unsplash

Now that I’m working at home, I’ve been reminded just how easy it is to fall into the multitasking rabbit hole.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

I’ve spent way…

I don’t know you, but if you asked me to write something for you, I would be confident, enthusiastic, and full of ideas.

But I’m not writing for you. I’m writing for me.

And it turns out that one little difference can turn a mindset upside down.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

I’ve written all my life. Creative fiction, blogs, essays, articles, short stories. I’ve even studied it. I’ve consistently received great feedback. But the topics, platforms, and types of writing vary widely.

But in all these cases I have been given a task — a job to do. There’s a theme, an audience, a…

Have you ever told someone that you never give up on a book?

Persevering through a book no matter what provides some weird kind of pride. The book didn’t even have to be bad. Maybe it’s just not your cup of tea. Maybe everybody else on the planet raved about how amazing it is. Maybe Netflix optioned it for a brand new series.

The thing is, not all books are equal, and not all books are made for every person. Just because a book has made an impact on someone else doesn’t mean it will do the same for you.

Blogging for business is an integral part of digital marketing. There’s a lot of information out there on how to digitally market your business. There are so many options, including social media, email, SEO, eBooks, white papers, podcasts, videos, and blogs. For many, the easiest (and cheapest!) way to market their business is with blogging.

But blogging for business can be daunting. So I’ve gathered five awesome sources that can help you kick-start your business blogging journey. Here they are!

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best places to get information on marketing your business. It’s a greatly appreciated resource for…

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